Thursday, 23 January 2014

i got my revenge moment...

So, you know how the pretend Microsoft software 'fixers' rang me and I wished I'd told them to go fuck themselves but I didn't I just thought it? 

Well, they called again. 

I drew a deep breath, asked the woman on the phone to stop speaking and said:

"I know this is a scam.  This is the third time you've called me.  Don't call this number again."

I hung up.

I couldn't say it; just couldn't do it.  So easy to type 'go fuck yourself', so difficult to be actually confrontational, even with muppet scam artists.  Sigh.  It was my big chance to be offensive (in person, rather than on the internet of course, I suspect I'm fairly offensive on the internet all the damn time) and I missed it. 

Mind you, there's every chance they could ring again?

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