Wednesday, 29 February 2012

bottomless pit

I am so g.d hungry today.  I would not eat a horse (too many horse friends to eat one, would feel like cannabalism in a weird, personification-type way) but I would happy consume the entire contents of the vending machine on my floor then go looking for sustenance with actual nutritional value.

I think this is because my body is readjusting to a normal person diet after the holiday.  I consumed about 4,000 calories a day on holiday (possibly including drinks…possibly) and now that I'm back to yoghurt and muesli for breakfast my fat cells are all up in my grill, whinging about the starvation state I've thrown them back into.  Also, I'm back on several caffeine hits a day and I have come to the conclusion that coffee is NOT an appetite suppressant.  It just makes me want to eat ALL THE THINGS. 

To be fair, when at work I'm often focussed on lunch.  It's very important to me. 

Top 4 local places for lunch:

Rosa's.  Tasty tasty Thai treats within a 10 minute walk from the office and on Fridays, I can def justify a Chang with lunch. 


Itsu: I often end up here with a colleague mulling over sushi options.  London sushi is pretty terrible, I have to say, unless you're hitting up a high-end Japanese restaurant.  Also, Itsu is ridic expensive for what it is.  Can't believe it's made my top 4 after those whinges.  But damn, average sushi still makes the best lunch at your desk. 

The Udon Place Around the Corner Whose Name I Do Not Know: Bowl of spicy minced pork ramen?  Yes plz.  Spesh if I'm going to be working late and eating a Twix bar for dinner, this fills you up and comes with a side salad so you feel like you've covered your greens at least a little bit for the day.

Konditor & Cook: pasta-y, salad-y, vege goodness.  I just have to avert my gaze from the cakes.  So hard but you feel like the queen of self control if you can manage it.  Despite the fact you are carrying away something with pasta, mushrooms and cheese.

Yep, I like lunch.  I like it a LOT. 

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