Friday, 24 September 2010

A brief selection of things that I love, in case you needed to know.

  • Rain on car windows
  • Flipflops/jandals/thongs; whatever you like to call them.  Though thongs still sounds wrong to me on a number of levels.  C'mon you guys, jandals = jelly sandals!  Even though jandals are closely related to a thing that I hate (toes.  They're so creepy and they remind me of some kind of Homerian cyclop-ish creature that pretty much just wants to kill you with a studded club, but hasn't got the strength or, possibly more importantly, the independent thought,or arms for that matter), they make my feet happy.
  • Mindy Kaling.  She's freaking awesome.  Funny as hell - she writes, produces, directs and stars in the American Office (I don't care what you say.  Yes, blah blah Ricky Gervais is a genius but somehow I prefer the American version.  Trust me, I didn't want it that way either).  And her favourite movie is You've Got Mail.  I probably turned people off me significantly with that, but oh well, if public approval was what I craved I wouldn't write a blog that no one reads...would I?
  • Sweatbands on men.  Michael Cera is wholly responsible for this. God only knows why I think a man wearing a sweatband is cool but I do.  Even when the odds that he's come from some squash match at the club with slightly-balding-Bertie and halitosis-Harry are significant, still love me a sweatbanded fella.
  • Hyperbole and a half.  Allie is hilarious with mad skillz on Word Paint of which I can only dream. 
  • Shoes made for total whore-bags.  Patent leather, peep toe, stiletto heeled visions of nastiness, I feel awesome when I wear these.  I had a gold, silver and bronze pair of peep-toe tranny shoes that made me feel not only like I'd performed some kind of clean sweep at the Olympics, but that I was the sexiest bitch on the planet (or the most good looking girl on the street, depending on the street - linking to another thing I love, Flight of the Conchords).
  • Potatoes.  The humble potato never lets me down.   Has downsides (see: my waist and ass) but generally totally worth it.
  • Wine.  See: Potatoes,
  • Gin.  See: Wine and Potatoes.
  • Olives.  See: Gin.
  • And now that I'm listing booze and food related items, best I stop while the going is good...

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