Tuesday, 20 May 2014

winner winner

I am absolutely owning life, recently. 

  • I have at least one fingernail that isn't bitten to the quick.
  • The scab on my foot from a tumble in leaf mould on my walk home two weeks ago is nearly healed, leaving me approx. 50% less scabrous.
  • I have thought about replacing my seriously old razor blade before I develop tetanus and gone so far as to make a mental note to buy a new one.
  • I found my access card for work after a short week of looking.
  • My regrowth lends my hair a really 'lived in' feel.
  • The ants have moved on to only eating the cats' biscuits off the kitchen floor, after I eradicated every ant found on the kitchen bench.
  • Now that my glasses are completely scratched up, I don't notice a difference in quality of vision when I take them off.
  • Finding my way to the bottom of the chip packet on the regular has made me extra specially nice to hug.
  • The fact that the kitten is sleeping on my face on cold nights demonstrates her trust and love, right?
Actually, there's only one piece of evidence that counts.  That shows I'm a real winner, despite all of the above:
  • Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the day I first kissed P.  P, who loves me anyway.  He's the best.

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