Monday, 7 April 2014

31 today

Happy birthday to P, a one of a kind husband.  Only P would:
  • use so much garlic in the mashed potatoes that 18 hours later I am still warding off vampires with the vapours I'm emitting
  • up and announce: "It's Bluff oyster season and it's my birthday, I'm going to the supermarket" and arrive home 20 minutes later with a bundle of shallots to dice finely in pursuit of the perfect oyster dipping vinaigrette
  • announce not 30 minutes later: "Watch out wife, the oysters are kicking in"
  • shine his shoes to look good on his birthday
  • insist, when I'm treating him to dinner (on our joint account, all funds are mixed here), that he be the one to hand over the card and sign the bill
  • require the perfect blend of strawberries and raspberries on his breakfast cereal
  • hold my hand even when it's all hot and sweaty
  • quell the desire to criticise my parking when clearly, I'm not having a good driving day
  • always come to bed 15 minutes later, and get up 15 minutes later than me exactly, no matter what time I rest/arise
  • tell me that I shouldn't say those words to the cat, even if I do use a nice tone
  • fish out cat toys from under the couch every day with a long handled wooden spoon
And, and, and.  P's one of a kind, wonderful and mine.  Love you P, happy birthday

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