Monday, 17 February 2014

personification is a girl's best friend

I'm not sure the kittens appreciated that we'd given them unfettered access to the outside world.  They were sound asleep on/under my bed when I arrived home yesterday, having pushed every item off the top of my dresser onto the floor.  To be entirely fair to them, it was scorchingly hot and they may have come back inside for some respite from the heat.  But there's no firm evidence that they recognised they could use the cat door, propped up flap and all (you should see the jerryrigged string situation we've got going on with the cat flap.  It's proper home decor.)

Just as we thought an early autumn was kicking in, this past three days have been searingly hot.  The harbour is hazy with heat today and the roof cavity didn't drop below 20 degrees celcius last night (o HRV system, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.  The ability to constantly check the temperature; cold air in the bedroom last night; no condensation in winter: you are my favourite inanimate thing of the week.)

This heat is a good thing, too.  P has planted some late beans and tomatoes, which I hope will bear fruit / veg in a month or two for a late harvest.  I'm not quite ready yet for summer's departure (which, given it's only February doesn't seem unreasonable to me) - I feel like the warmth hasn't quite made it right through my bones (stupid work A/C at fault, no doubt). 

Ack, I keep posting hodge podge jumbly snippets of 'What I Done Lately' and it's irking me.  I need to sit down and write something all proper like.  In the meantime, have a list:

Things What Have Irked Me Lately, Other Than My Dumb Blog:
  • slow drivers speeding up as soon as they hit a passing lane;
  • the toilet paper situation at the Huntly public toilets (I was desperate, if you must know.  Eventually found some loo roll that wasn't already stuffed into an overflowing bowl);
  • the inability to fly to, say, Fiji for super cheap exactly when I want to;
  • a slightly underripe nectarine; and
  • the death of my lawnmower (R.I.P Buzzy).
Things What I Have Been Happy About, Lately
  • the surprisingly good performances of the New Zealand cricket team;
  • a lamb and carrot, beet and potato meal I made last night (much nicer than it sounds, of course);
  • celebrating our second anniversary.  P and I went out for a formal meal and laughed copiously.  It was brilliant;
  • the possibility of buying a new lawnmower (Buzzy was awesome and all, but had a serious flap issue that occasionally lead to fistfuls of cut clover flying in your face); and
  • a perfectly ripe avocado for breakfast this morning. 

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