Friday, 15 June 2012

a new decade

30 feels much like 29 did, only more tired and a little hungover.  I joined P and a couple of his colleagues for a drink to watch the football last night, following which we injudiciously imbibed some sake with sushi for dinner.  I rolled home boozled and skyped my parents (which? drunken skyping with relatives? BAD idea)...and woke up this morning feeling fairly average.

You know what though? I'm happy.  In a week, I'll be unemployed and getting ready to roam.  I've got a lovely husband, a great bunch of friends and adventures ahead.  This is (at 10.20am) turning out to be a pretty good birthday. 

I TOTALLY feel like I should be writing something DEEP and INSIGHTFUL about turning 30 but that's because I overthink EVERYTHING, IN THE WORLD, EVER.  Instead, I'll go with the flow - I have to find treats for the office afternoon tea (bday shout), do some work, catch a plane tonight.  Just keep it simple. 


  1. happy 30th birthday anna!! have a wonderful time in lithuania (the only thing i know about lithuania comes from Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections...!). p.s. you're an amazing writer xx

  2. thank you Sarah - that's so kind ;) have a lovely weekend yourself, and keep the tasty recipes coming! Loved your pics of Chelsea, too - so much so P has bought me a 50 mm lens for the camera! x


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